Dining At The World’s Finest Gourmet Cuisine Restaurants

The Restaurant magazine surveys hundreds of food experts yearly since 2003 to name the finest gourmet cuisine restaurants in the world. They come up with fifty names every year and topping the 2006 list of restaurants with the finest gourmet cuisine is El Bulli located in Catalonia, Spain. El Bulli is known to be the place for avant-garde European dining. The chef of El Bulli is the famous Ferran Adri Acosta, whose philosophy in cooking is one filled with surprises in flavor, texture and temperature to delight diners.

The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England is the second finest gourmet cuisine restaurant according to the Restaurant magazine. The Head Chef is Heston Bluementhal who employs scientific principles to his culinary practice to explore new possibilities in cooking, hence, some odd-sounding but nevertheless delectable recipes such as Oyster and Passion Fruit Jelly, Oak Moss and Truffle Toast and Nitro-Scrambled Egg and Bacon Ice Cream.

The Fat Duck leads other 4 of the finest gourmet cuisine restaurants in England. Of course countries such as France and Italy, which are traditionally known for possessing the finest gourmet cuisine in the world, are included in the list. In the third place is the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in Paris, named after its owner and Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire, who is a highly-admired chef known for the finest gourmet cuisine in France that is beyond the traditional French cuisine. He is one of the pioneers of the principles of fusion in cooking. Some examples of gastronomical entrees include Suckling Lamb from Aveyron and Bresse Chicken with foie grass and cabbage.

Within the top ten finest gourmet cuisine restaurants are two in the United States, The French Laundry in Yountville, California in the fourth place and the Per Se in the eighth place. The French Laundry offers daily-changing menus from award-winning chef Thomas Keller that feature the freshest produce in season. Typical recipes include Oysters and Pearls, Moulard Duck Foie Gras En Terrine and Fuji Apple Sorbet. The Per Se restaurant is also a fruit of Thomas Keller’s creative vision, which he shared with other individuals involved with The French Laundry.

In the 26th spot is another American restaurant, Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, which is long known for serving some of the finest gourmet cuisine in the world. Charlie Trotter’s offers three degustation menus daily – the sumptuous Grand Menu that blends the freshest seasonal products, the Vegetable Menu that celebrates extraordinary vegetable cuisine and the spontaneous 15-course Kitchen Table Menu for guests dining at the restaurant’s kitchen table.

Other top-rated restaurants where you can experience the finest gourmet cuisine are Tetsuya’s in Australia, Gambero Rosso in Italy, Hof van Cleve in Belgium, La Colombe in South Africa, Noma in Denmark, Restaurant Dieter Muller in Germany and Bukhara in India.

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